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Alan Espenschade
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Reputable community engaged ownership with a terrific purpose!

Fred Jessup
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Highly professional and great care for students' success. Ideal for building confidence, focus, and a sense of accomplishment in kids and adults. Great selection of classes and special events. Highly recommend.

Brian Augenstein (Augy)
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Having a good deal of experience with martial arts training myself, I of course wanted a place that was not all about just pushing belts and tests. I wanted my children to understand the deeper meaning behind martial training, and find within themselves what is sleeping. The instructors here share that same mentality, and moreover they can guide the unruliest of children to see an inner nature to themselves they did not know existed. If you, the reader, are unsure about this place, I can tell you from watching my own children's experience that you will be thankful you put yourself or your children here once you do it. I myself am considering once again donning my gi and joining them if I can make the time for it, because the appeal of this place speaks to me quite deeply. For those of you already of the gi, the master of the Dojo here has a wonderful peace and serenity to him that is out of place for his young age. It is quite refreshing, especially given the chaos in the world at this moment. The payment plans are flexible, and they work with you because they don't want money to be the only thing that prevents you from betterment of yourself and/or your loved ones. So stop reading this, and go and sign up already.

Jess Izzo
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Not just a dojo. NWW is a fun, professional supportive environment regardless of age, skill, and goals. Traditional martial arts training pairs with modern teaching methods and activities creating a fun place to be. The staff are friendly professional and at the top of the game for what they do. Highly recommend.

Stacey Grzybowski
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We have loved the experience and the skills our son has learned at Northwest Wado-ryu Karate! He has had such growth in his confidence! He LOVES going and works even harder now than when he started.

Kymberly Fredrickson
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Would highly recommend! Instructors are amazing and dedicated. Both our kids are now taking classes and loving it. Classes have greatly supported respect and discipline that we teach at home as well as the kids learning karate skills. It is also amazing that we have the option to do virtual classes via zoom when we are unable to get to town or when the current pandemic deems it necessary.

Jodie N
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I started doing karate at Northwest Wado-Ryu as part of a "parents train free in January" deal, and got hooked - so a year later, I'm still doing it, even after my daughter decided karate wasn't her thing. The dojo is very professionally run, and they're very good communicators - they responded to the pandemic promptly and beautifully (for anyone who is worried right now about Covid, the dojo not only has very strict safety protocols, but it's really easy to take classes via Zoom). There are a lot of extra training opportunities throughout the year, and Sensei Schwartz and the assistant teachers he's trained are excellent, motivational teachers.

Crystal Price
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I have had the pleasure of watching my son achieve things he insisted impossible. Through patience, understanding, and holding my son avcountable Sensi Schwartz helped my son learn to set goals, work for those goals, and acheive goals by developing inner qualities. Sensi Schwartz also stresses his students learn to respect their community and works with students to reach out to others.

Nicoline Blaker
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I love being able to learn right along all ages and being respected and encouraged for each accomplishment. We're treated no different. We're all learners whether 4, 14, or 44! The opportunities for diverse options of learning are amazing: private, classroom style, specialty classes, at home virtually- not kidding! And more!

haley heater
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I love NW Wado-Ryu! This Dojo is such a positive and energetic place, I really enjoy coming to class every time and learn so much. Sensei Weiss is an amazing teacher and makes class fun and easy to learn! Sensei Schwartz is super knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher! He is very good at explaining even the most complicated concepts, making them easy to understand and gives great tricks and tips for learning new skills! I highly recommend NW Wado-Ryu for any age level. You are guaranteed to get a good workout too ?

Amanda Roberts
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We have enjoyed being a part of the Northwest Wado-Ryu family for the past two years. My son and I have grown immensely due to this program. I highly recommend this to anyone!

Janel VanAken
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This place is wonderful with the kids! I highly recommend taking your kid(s) here to get some exercise, build confidence and to learn great Karate skills too!

Ryan Urie
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I love the parents nights out, and the lessons have done wonders for my daughters' confidence. It's more than just karate lessons; it's like a whole little community for her to belong to.

Martin Lee
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I looked into several schools in the area, Interviewing the instructors. Northwest Wado-ryu was the right one for my family. Sensei genuinely wants you to succeed but he doesn't hand out rank like candy. Each achievement is earned and well deserved.

My kids joined to learn something new, meet new kids and stay active.

I joined to train with my kids... And my office chair was sapping my health. We all met great people with a shared goal whom are more than simply fellow students.

Aaron Boyles
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From my experience, Northwest Wado-ryu Karate is an exceptional dojo and a wonderful place to learn. The staff is amazing and there is always a positive atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Steve Casner
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Professional staff. Friendly environment. Lots of choices for your body and minds health and development. Whether your looking for a dojo, or just want a massage gun. Yep, they’re a certified local dealer. And possibly my favorite. They are your source for a local crafted soaps. Give Sensei Schwartz and his staff a visit. You won’t be sorry.

Darren Schnider
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My daughter and I have been studying at NW Wado-ryu since 2017... I started her in Little Dragons; a few months in, she asked me "Dad, will you do Karate with me? " In June (five years later), we will be testing for Black-belt, together. Everyone has been fantastic, patient and knowledgeable.

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Very supportive and fun environment. Sensei Schwartz is a master of his craft with a supportive and knowledgeable staff of instructors. Great place to learn both the physical and psychological aspects of self defense!

Lindsay Fry
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My daughter and I have been studying here for about 6 months and absolutely love it. It is welcoming, fun, and motivating - and there are so many options for classes. The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind. I highly recommend it!!

julia akin
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Our youngest son expressed an interest in martial arts classes. Norhwest Wado-ryu Karate was one of the dojos recommended to our family by a friend. After calling several of the places mentioned to us, we decided to take a sampling of eight classes to see how things would go for our son. I was hesitant that he would continue interest. However, nearly a year later, he has thoroughly enjoyed each lesson and workshop. He has passed several tests and received his promotional belts. He has never missed a class and now is interested in eventually competing. The entire staff is professional, kind and encouraging. My son has increased strength, reduced anxiety and self confidence. I highly recommend Northwest Wado-ryu.

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This is one of the best Karate studios we’ve been to in some time. The instructor Chris is awesome and he’s always will to go above and beyond not only for his students but the rest of the community.

Andrew Coyle
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Very high quality training, and a very fun and safe environment. As a founding member of the Moscow dojo, I have watched Sensei Schwartz grow his school from the ground up, and have seen first hand how students develop skills, character, and confidence. This school is an excellent choice for people of all skill levels. Strongly recommend.

T Tolman
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My Son and daughter started here a little less than a year ago, my son being 7 and my daughter 5. They love coming to class and look forward to it twice a week. My son is in basic's classes and my daughter is in the their little dragon's class. Both classes are perfect for their ages and what they are ready to learn and physically do. The staff are excellent, they have clear boundaries and clear expectations, which I really love. Their lessons flow perfectly to help one achieve the next level. I wanted to take classes with my children, but didn't have anyone to watch my daughter...they accommodated my by helping me keep watch on her as I take classes. Once a month there are parent night out events where they have 3 hours of fun activities and food. My kids love it, and I love that I can trust them with my children. They also have an option where you can have a birthday at the dojo. My has had his 7th birthday party there and he loved it. The staff go above and beyond and we consider them family. Great exercise, building confidence, building coordination, strength building of mind, body, and spirit are just some of the things you will take away from attending Karate at Northwest Wado-Ryu Karate. We highly recommend taking classes, great for the whole family.

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My 8-year-old son has been taking lessons at NW Wado-Ryu for a few months now and it's been a great experience. The instructors are good at tailoring instruction for the different students' skill levels and the communication with me as a parent about upcoming specials and offers has been great. We also really enjoy the extra services they offer like monthly Parents' Nights Out events and day camps during days when schools are closed.

Andrea Plotner
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Our highest recommendation for this friendly, affordable, family-owned studio. The instructors are both highly skilled and personable, making this studio perfect for beginner and advanced, young and old. We especially appreciate the emphasis on safety, dignity, and respect. In addition to building confidence, this is a great workout!

Carin Deleon
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My family LOVES this Dojo! My husband and all three of our sons attend weekly and enjoy it! The boys have fun and learn valuable life lessons, such as respect, discipline and satisfaction from a job well done. Highly recommend their services to all!;

Dee Walker
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Northwest Wado-ryu Karate is a wonderful dojo. I cannot speak highly enough of Sensei Schwartz. He is an excellent teacher and an all around amazing person. Senior instructor, Hannah, is talented & fabulous as well. An excellent place to learn martial arts, respect, confidence and strength. These people are the best!

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